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What we do

Additional Support Needs (ASN) Mediation

ASN mediation is the name for mediation between parents and carers of children with additional support needs and the child’s school and/or education authority in Scotland. The law says that children and young people have additional support needs if they need extra help to benefit from their school education. For example, a child may have a disability or health need, a child could be experiencing social or emotional problems, family circumstances could be affecting a child’s ability to learn, or the learning environment may not be appropriate for a child.
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How Mediation Works

Mediation is a structured process where the people involved in a disagreement can talk about the problems with the help of a specially trained and skilled mediator. The aim of mediation is always to prevent disagreements from getting any worse and provides an alternative way to solve problems.  The mediator helps people work through the problems carefully and respectfully, making sure that everyone has a chance to speak.
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Other Mediation

We specialise in ASN mediation, but we also offer a range of other types of mediation for situations that may be affecting families, schools and communities. Conflict in any environment can be very damaging, leading to personal anger, frustration and disappointment. Mediation has been designed to help.
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 Work with Children, Young People & Families

Children and young people have a right to express their views about their education, and to be involved in decision-making. It is very important to remember this fact when there is a disagreement about some aspect of a child’s education.
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 Training and Consultancy

Common Ground Mediation offers training specially designed for your group or organisation.
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What our clients say...

“Found mediator to be very helpful, approachable, they gave me clear information and explained fully what to expect from the service”

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